César et Rosalie (1972)

Original Title : César et Rosalie
Director : Claude Sautet
Writer : Jean-Loup Dabadie
Claude Néron
Claude Sautet
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
West Germany
Language : French
Producer : Michelle de Broca
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Jean Boffety
IMDB ID : 0068441
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César et Rosalie (1972) - Claude Sautet


Yves Montand Cesar
Romy Schneider I
Sami Frey David
Bernard Le Coq Michel
Eva Maria Meineke Lucie
Henri-Jacques Huet Marcel
Isabelle Huppert Marite
Gisela Hahn Carla
Betty Beckers Georges
Jacques Dhéry Albert
Carlo Nell Julien
Carole Lixon Antoine
Michel Piccoli Récitant/Narrator (voice
Jean-Paul Blonday Rosalie's younger sister
Jean-Claude Sussfeld 
Nicolas Vogel 


Rosalie is amicably divorced, dividing her time between her mother's house, with her siblings and small daughter, and César's. He's self made, a scrap iron king, outgoing, amiable, in love with her. Enter David, an artist and Rosalie's flame before her marriage. In a quiet, brooding way, he seeks to reclaim Rosalie. César's jealous outbursts and attempts at cunning backfire and send Rosalie into David's arms. César keeps trying: he buys Rosalie's childhood seaside vacation home as a gift, wins her back, then must ask David to join them so Rosalie will be happy. When Rosalie discovers César and David's complicity, she again asserts her freedom, leaving the men alone together.


I saw "Cesar and Rosalie" at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. I had only seen Claude Sautet's later movies (which I loved), and was unsure what to expect. The cinema was packed full of people, and some of the older members of the audience were laughing out loud almost immediately at Yves Montand's antics. I was a bit more restrained. But it didn't take long for me to find myself laughing as well. And not only me, it seemed like everyone there was in good spirits, young and old alike. Yves Montand's acting was incredible, Romy Schneider is terribly desirable, and the film just floated along. Definitely worth seeing, both if you're a Claude Sautet fan or if you want a charming movie about the interesting relationship which develops between the movie's three protagonists.
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César et Rosalie (1972) - Claude Sautet
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César et Rosalie (1972) - Claude Sautet