Histoire Simple, Une (1978)

Original Title : Une histoire simple
Director : Claude Sautet
Writer : Jean-Loup Dabadie
Peter Fernandez (I)
Claude Sautet
Genre : Drama
Country : France
West Germany
Language : French
Producer : Horst Wendlandt
Music : Philippe Sarde
Photography : Jean Boffety
IMDB ID : 0075975
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poster for "Histoire Simple, Une" by Claude Sautet (1978)
Histoire Simple, Une (1978) - Claude Sautet


Romy Schneider I
Bruno Cremer Georges
Claude Brasseur I
Arlette Bonnard Gabrielle
Sophie Daumier Esther
Eva Darlan Anna
Francine Bergé Francine
Roger Pigaut Jérôme
Madeleine Robinson I
Jacques Sereys Charles
Jean-François Garreaud Christian
Yves Knapp Martin
Nicolas Sempe Maurice
Vera Schroeder Françoise
Xavier Gélin Denisold
Jean Deschamps Mr. Chenal
Nadine Alari Doctoresse
Pierre Semmler Patrick (as Peter Semler
Michel Debost Michel
Pierre Forget Le délégué syndical
Patricia Francis La caissière
Blanche Ravalec Maggy


A simple story about simple people. A 38 old divorced woman (Marie), who now has a lover (Serge) but decides to leave him, abort his baby, and then returns with her ex-husband (Georges). Their daily life and of their friends, who have the same typical problems.


Most French movies, and especially Claude Sautet's are very realistic, slow-paced, intelligent and "simple". Each one I have seen had great moments, as everyone encounters great moments in life. This may be too ordinary and plain. Though not boring at any time, at the end I could not think of any memorable scene, shot or dialogue, and thought it was missing something, although the title does suggest they didn't have much planned for the beautiful heroine. A story you may have had, heard, thought about- in French, on screen.