Ragtime (1981)

The passion, the violence, the birth of America's Gilded Age.

Original Title : Ragtime
Director : Milos Forman
Writer : 
Michael Weller (I)
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Dino De Laurentiis (I) , , , Bernard Williams (I)
Music : Randy Newman (I)
IMDB ID : 0082970
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Ragtime (1981) - Milos Forman


┬James Cagney Rheinlander Waldo
┬Brad Dourif Younger Brother
┬Moses Gunn Booker T. Washington
┬Elizabeth McGovern Evelyn Nesbit Thaw
┬Kenneth McMillan Willie Conklin
┬Pat O'Brien I
┬Donald O'Connor Evelyn's dance instructor
┬James Olson Father
┬Mandy Patinkin Tateh
┬Howard E. Rollins Jr. Coalhouse Walker Jr.
┬Mary Steenburgen Mother
┬Debbie Allen Sarah
┬Jeffrey DeMunn Houdini (as Jeff DeMunn
┬Robert Joy I
┬Norman Mailer Stanford White
┬Bruce Boa Jerome
┬Norman Chancer Agent
┬Edwin Cooper Grandfather
┬Jeff Daniels I
┬Fran Drescher Mameh
┬Frankie Faison Gang Member No. 1
┬Hal Galili Police Captain No. 1
┬Alan Gifford Judge
┬Richard Griffiths I
┬Samuel L. Jackson Gang Member No. 2
┬Michael Jeter Special Reporter
┬Calvin Levels Gang Member No. 3
┬Bessie Love Old Lady (T.O.C.
┬Christopher Malcolm Police Captain No. 2
┬Herman Meckler Vernon Elliott
┬Billy J. Mitchell Delmas Assistant No. 2
┬Jenny Nichols I
┬Max Nichols Little Boy
┬Zack Norman I
┬Eloise O'Brien Mrs. Thaw
┬Don Plumley Inspector McNeil
┬Ted Ross I
┬Dorsey Wright Gang Member No. 4
┬Robert Arden I
┬Robert Boyd II
┬Thomas A. Carlin Vice President Fairbanks
┬John Clarkson I
┬Brian F. Dean Fireman No. 1
┬Harry Ditson County Clerk
┬Robert Dorning Gent with Stanford White
┬Geoffrey Greenhill Police Guard (T.O.C.
┬Ray Hassett Policeman No. 2
┬Robert Hitt Plainclothes Detective No. 2
┬Rodney James I
┬George Harris II
┬George J. Manos Novelty Shop Storeman
┬Val Pringle Clef Club Manager
┬Ron Weyand Doctor Muller
┬Sonny Abagnale Evelyns Driver
┬John Alderson I
┬Nesbitt Blaisdell Policeman No. 5
┬Chaim Blatter Rabbi
┬Donald Bisset J.P. Morgan
┬Josh Clark Fireman No. 3
┬Robert Coffin Desk Clerk
┬Patrick Connor I
┬Joel Cutrara Policeman No. 11
┬Jake Dengel Fireman No. 2
┬Barry Dennen Stage Manager
┬Natalia Dobrer Woman No. 1
┬Daniel Foley Stock Reporter
┬Gretchen Franklin Elderly Woman
┬Patrick Gorman I
┬Guy Gregory Black Butler No. 2
┬Dave Griffiths I
┬Jeff Harding Policeman No. 13
┬Robert Henderson I
┬Colette Hiller Lawyers Female Companion No. 1
┬Patrick M. Hughes Policeman No. 7
┬Elaine Ives-Cameron Lawyers Female Companion No. 2
┬Andreas Katsulas Policeman No. 3
┬Douglas Lambert I
┬Norris Mailer Lady with Stanford White
┬Derek Martin II
┬Al Matthews Maitre D
┬Stuart Milligan Marksman
┬Richard Oldfield Stock Reporter
┬Nelly Polissky Woman in Window
┬Mike Potter I
┬Anthony Powell II
┬Ethan Phillips I
┬Joe Praml Policeman No. 4
┬John Ratzenberger Fireman
┬Bill Reimbold Gent No. 3 - Lawyer
┬Bob Sherman I
┬Tony Sibbald Stock Reporter
┬Stan Simmons Thug No. 3
┬John Sterland Library Guard
┬Jan Triska Special Reporter
┬Burnell Tucker Reporter
┬Britt Walker Black Butler No. 1
┬Peter Whitman Stock Reporter
┬Edward Wiley Conductor
┬Hoolihand Burke Brigit (uncredited
┬Frank Patton III
 Sister (uncredited
┬Judi Trott Chorus Girl (uncredited


Ragtime' by E.L. Doctorow was one of those important ground breaking books. It deserved a better translation to film. Having read the book numerous times over the years, what struck me about the film was that it was largely undecipherable if you had not first read the book. The book is a rich tapestry of American society, its values, behaviour and so on of the day. The film focuses on 2 sub-plots only - Nesbit Thaw and Coalhouse Walker Jr. The character - mother's Younger Brother was largely sacrificed - this introverted complex character - was portrayed only as Nesbit-Thaw's lover and a terrorist - with no development of how he became to be these. The relationship between Father and Mother too was badly handled, especially the Mother's leaving with the Russian film maker (silhouette artist). The film simply does not even begin to scratch this surface. The film is a major disappointment.
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Ragtime (1981) - Milos Forman
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Ragtime (1981) - Milos Forman