Permanent Vacation (1980)

Original Title : Permanent Vacation
Director : Jim Jarmusch
Writer : Jim Jarmusch
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jim Jarmusch
Music : Jim Jarmusch
John Lurie
Photography : Tom DiCillo
James A. Lebovitz
IMDB ID : 0084488
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Permanent Vacation (1980) - Jim Jarmusch


¬Richard Boes War vet
¬Ruth Bolton Mother
¬Sara Driver Nurse
¬Mar√≠a Duval III
¬Frankie Faison Man in lobby
¬Jane Fire Nurse
¬Suzanne Fletcher Girl in car
¬Leila Gastil Leila
¬Chris Hameon French traveller
¬John Lurie Sax player
¬Eric Mitchell I
¬Chris Parker I
¬Lisa Rosen II
¬Felice Rosser Woman by mailbox
¬Evelyn Smith I
¬Charlie Spademan Patient


In downtown Manhattan, a twenty-something boy ('Chris Parker' ), whose Father is not around and whose Mother is institutionalized, is a big Charlie Parker fan. He almost subconsciously searches for more meaning in his life and meets a few characters along the way.


Debut feature from Jarmusch. A young jazz fan wanders through Manhattan and meets some messed-up characters. Boring movie that contains some of the director's trademarks: long takes, cool characters, cigarettes and mundane dialogue ("I want to buy some popcorn"). Only worth viewing if you're a fan of the film maker (I'm not). Movie resembles a student project. Note the Nick Ray poster at the cinema. Low production values - in some scenes you can hear noise from the camera. Permanent Vacation is an interesting but dull movie.
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Permanent Vacation (1980) - Jim Jarmusch