Permanent Vacation (1980)

Original Title : Permanent Vacation
Director : Jim Jarmusch
Writer : Jim Jarmusch
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jim Jarmusch
Music : Jim Jarmusch
John Lurie
Photography : Tom DiCillo
James A. Lebovitz
IMDB ID : 0084488
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Permanent Vacation (1980) - Jim Jarmusch


Richard Boes War vet
Ruth Bolton Mother
Sara Driver Nurse
María Duval III
Frankie Faison Man in lobby
Jane Fire Nurse
Suzanne Fletcher Girl in car
Leila Gastil Leila
Chris Hameon French traveller
John Lurie Sax player
Eric Mitchell I
Chris Parker I
Lisa Rosen II
Felice Rosser Woman by mailbox
Evelyn Smith I
Charlie Spademan Patient


In downtown Manhattan, a twenty-something boy ('Chris Parker' ), whose Father is not around and whose Mother is institutionalized, is a big Charlie Parker fan. He almost subconsciously searches for more meaning in his life and meets a few characters along the way.


Debut feature from Jarmusch. A young jazz fan wanders through Manhattan and meets some messed-up characters. Boring movie that contains some of the director's trademarks: long takes, cool characters, cigarettes and mundane dialogue ("I want to buy some popcorn"). Only worth viewing if you're a fan of the film maker (I'm not). Movie resembles a student project. Note the Nick Ray poster at the cinema. Low production values - in some scenes you can hear noise from the camera. Permanent Vacation is an interesting but dull movie.
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Permanent Vacation (1980) - Jim Jarmusch