Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969)

Original Title : Monty Python's Flying Circus Collection / DVD-Video
Director : John Howard Davies
Ian MacNaughton
Writer : Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Terry Jones (I)
Michael Palin
Terry Gilliam
Douglas Adams
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Terry Gilliam
Eric Idle
Neil Innes
Terry Jones (I)
Michael Palin
Genre : Comedy
Country : UK
Language : English | Arabic | French | German | Italian | Mandarin | Spanish
Producer : John Howard Davies , Ian MacNaughton
Music : Neil Innes
Eric Idle
Photography : James Balfour
Alan Featherstone
Terry Hunt
Max Samett
Stanley Speel
Distributor : A&E Home Video [us]
MPAA Rating : NR
IMDB ID : 0063929
Official site :
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Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969) - John Howard Davies | Ian MacNaughton


Graham Chapman Various Roles (1969-1974
John Cleese Announcer/Various Roles (1969-1973
Terry Gilliam Various Roles (1969-1974
Eric Idle Various Roles (1969-1974
Terry Jones I
Michael Palin 'It's' Man/Various Roles (1969-1974
Carol Cleveland Various Roles (1969-1974


The irreverent Monty Python comedy troupe present a series of skits which are often surreal, baudy, uncompromising, tasteless, but inevitably hilarious.


Perhaps the best tv comedy series of all time, this barmy and surreal set of 45 episodes are a total delight, full of lines you can endlessly quote to annoy people ('a comfy chair?') and weird and wonderful sketches.There are some duff moments but let's raise a cheer for Arthur Putey the timid accountant, Mr Praline, the Colonel, the Nudge Nudge Man, Lemming of the BDA, the Big Cheese, the Amazing Kargol/Mystico and Janet, David Unction, Mr Wensleydale, the Spanish Inquisition, the Vercottis, the Hell's Grannies, the Upper-Class Twits, Ken Clean-Air System, the Ministry of Silly Walks, Mrs Crump-Pinnet, Spiny Norman, Ron Obvious, the disgusting family, and Michael Ellis ... Nothing that the Pythons did individually came close to their work together between '69 and '74 for the Beeb.