Disparus de St Agil, Les (1938)

Original Title : Disparus de Saint-Agil, Les
Director : Christian-Jaque
Writer : Jean-Henri Blanchon
Jacques Prévert
Pierre Véry
Genre : Thriller
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Henri Verdun
Photography : Marcel Lucien
Distributor : Columbia Pictures [us]
IMDB ID : 0030062
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Disparus de St Agil, Les (1938) - Christian-Jaque


Erich von Stroheim Walter, prof d'anglais
Michel Simon I
Armand Bernard I
Aimé Clariond M. Boisse, le directeur
Serge Grave André Baume
Marcel Mouloudji Philippe Macroix
Jean Claudio Mathieu Sorgue
Jean Buquet La Mouche
Robert Rollis Un élève
Félix Claude Un élève
Claude Roy I
René Génin Donnadieu, prof. de musique (as R. Génin
Jacques Derives Planet (as J. Derives
Martial Rèbe Le surveillant du dortoir (as M. Rèbe
Pierre Labry Bernardin (as P. Labry
Albert Malbert Alexis, le meunier (as Malbert
Robert Le Vigan César le passe-muraille
Charles Aznavour Un élève (uncredited
André Dionnet Un élève (uncredited
Michel Gaud Un élève (uncredited
Serge Gaud Un élève (uncredited
André Mouloudji Un élève (uncredited
Robert Ozanne L'infirmier (uncredited
Serge Reggiani Un élève (uncredited
Michel Retaux Le volontaire (uncredited


In a college, three friends form a secret society. There objective - going to America. A night, after one of their secret meetings, one of them see a man coming out from a wall. Then the day after he talks about it, he disappears. Then the second one vanishes. Are they gone to their dreams? That's when the art teacher is murdered. Suspicions now are too high so the third one decides to investigate.


"Les disparus de Saint-Agil" ,released at the time when the French cinema was at its absolute peak, is one of Christian-Jaque 's finest films : he tried to repeat the formula (two stories, a children and an adult one) in "L'assassinat du père noel" (1941) which was written by Very too, but it was not as convincing. "Les anciens de Saint-Loup"(1950),although featuring different characters ,was supposed to be a sequel to "les disparus.." but the magic was gone and although it retains some charm in the first part,it's finally a disappointment.
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Disparus de St Agil, Les (1938) - Christian-Jaque