Fear and Desire (1953)

Trapped... 4 Desperate Men and a Strange Half-Animal Girl! and the Story of French Prostitute... and The Male Brute

Original Title : Fear and Desire
Director : Stanley Kubrick
Writer : Stanley Kubrick
Howard Sackler
Genre : War
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bob Dierks , Stanley Kubrick , Martin Perveler
Music : Gerald Fried
Photography : Stanley Kubrick
Distributor : Joseph Burstyn Inc. [us]
IMDB ID : 0045758
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poster for "Fear and Desire" by Stanley Kubrick (1953)
Fear and Desire (1953) - Stanley Kubrick


¬Frank Silvera Sgt. Mac
¬Kenneth Harp Lt. Corby/enemy general
¬Paul Mazursky Pvt. Sidney
¬Stephen Coit Pvt. Fletcher (aide-de-camp
¬Virginia Leith Young Girl
¬David Allen IX


A ficticious war in an unidentified country provides the setting for this drama. Four soldiers survive the crash-landing of their plane to find themselves in a forest six miles behind enemy lines. The group, led by Lt. Corby, has a plan: They'll make their way to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under cover of night, float back to friendly territory. Their plans for getting back safely are sidetracked by a young woman who stumbles across them as they hide in the woods, and by the nearby presence of an enemy general who one member of the group is determined to kill.


Kubrick may have been the greatest director of all times.He may have made more classics than anyone else.He may have been a perfectionist.But man, was his first attempt ever bad! Kubrick had good reason to try to make this film dissappear from the map: it looks like an Ed Wood film.It has strange narration, cheap shots, bad dialogue, ominous music reminiscent of your 50s sci-fi/horror flick, and what looks like relatives of the cast of "Reefer Madness" going insane for no reason. Sure, you can see an undeveloped Kubrick in there.It is a psychological/horror study of war.The characters became dehumanized and insane.There are people playing more than one role.There are constant shots of the faces and particular facial expressions of different people. And there are a few interesting shots around there.But really, this is a mess. Of course, I am not discouraging you from watching it.If you get a hold of it, you are joining a select group of myself and a few thousand people world wide who have had access to it.