Bandera, La (1935)

Original Title : Bandera, La
Director : Julien Duvivier
Writer : Pierre Dumarchais
Julien Duvivier
Charles Spaak
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : A. Gargour
Music : Roland Manuel
Jean Wiener
Photography : Jules Kruger
Distributor : Hoffberg Productions Inc. [us]
IMDB ID : 0026095
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poster for "Bandera, La" by Julien Duvivier (1935)
Bandera, La (1935) - Julien Duvivier


Annabella I
Jean Gabin Pierre Gilieth
Robert Le Vigan Fernando Lucas
Raymond Aimos Marcel Mulot
Pierre Renoir Captain Weller
Gaston Modot Legionnaire Muller
Margo Lion I
Charles Granval Le Segovien
Reine Paulet Rosita
Viviane Romance La fille de Barcelone
Jesús Castro Blanco Le sergent
Robert Ozanne Le Tatoué
Maurice Lagrenée Simeon
Louis Florencie Gorlier
Little Jacky Legionnaire Weber
Robert Ancelin Le Lieutenant (uncredited
René Bergeron (uncredited
Paul Demange L'importun de l'auberge (uncredited
Marcel Lupovici Un légionnaire (uncredited
Rafael Medina (uncredited
Suzy Prim (uncredited
Noël Roquevert Le sergent instructeur (uncredited


Pierre Gilieth has committed a murder in Paris. He flees to Barcelona, where he runs out of money. So he joins the Spanish Foreign Legion. He meets there two fellow countrymen, Mulot and Lucas. He tries to forget his fault... but Lucas's friendship soon appears to be less unselfish...


I grabbed La Bandara because it reunited Jean Gabin and Julien Duvivier, whose Pepe le Moko is a noir masterpiece. I'll give it a few points because Gabin is in it, but the clumsy plot, cheap sets and the ludicrous Annabella making like an Arab princess put the film on my `to sell' shelf. If you watch it, you'll find yourself asking, why didn't the idiots build the fort *around* the well, instead of a deadly few yards away from it. And why use tin roofs in the middle of the desert? But by then the sheer perversity of contrivance that makes up the script should numb you to any further contemplation.
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Bandera, La (1935) - Julien Duvivier
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Bandera, La (1935) - Julien Duvivier