Novo (2002)

Original Title : Novo
Director : Jean-Pierre Limosin
Writer : Christophe Honoré
Jean-Pierre Limosin
Genre : Drama
Country : Switzerland
Language : French
Producer : Enrique González Macho , Hengameh Panahi , Tiziana Soudani
Music : Zend Avesta
Loïc Dury
Mathieu Dury
Photography : Julien Hirsch
Distributor : A-Film Distribution [nl]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong sexuality, graphic nudity and language.
IMDB ID : 0291392
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poster for "Novo" by Jean-Pierre Limosin (2002)
Novo (2002) - Jean-Pierre Limosin


Eduardo Noriega II
Anna Mouglalis Irène
Nathalie Richard Sabine
Eric Caravaca Fred
Paz Vega Isabelle
Lény Bueno Antoine
Julie Gayet Julie
Agathe Dronne Céline
Bernard Bloch Docteur Sagem
Vincent Dissez Simon
Catherine Bidaut Nadine
Pascal Tokatlian Gérard (also as ?
Dominic Gould Gilles
Stéphanie Picard La serveuse
André S. Labarthe L'homme au musée


Those who loved Graham yesterday shouldn't count on today. Those who love him today risk being heartbroken tomorrow... Suffering from recurring memory loss, Graham is restricted to a limited short-term memory. He forgets most things after only a few minutes. He no longer recognizes his wife Isabelle nor his young son Antoine nor his best friend Fred. Since each day is a new day, Graham copes with life by referring to the details of his little notebook, the defining key to his identity. He works as a photocopy clerk under the close watch of his sexy boss Sabine, who uses him to his libido's advantage. Pretty new temp Irene can't help falling for Graham's spontaneous charm. But how can Graham really fall in love with her when he sees each time as the first time? Irene is about to experience all new ways of romance. She'll just have to remember everything for the both of them. Everyone around Graham has their reasons why he should or shouldn't fully recover...


2 out of 2 people found the following comment useful:- How to be in love (or happy) when you constantly lose your memories?, 25 December 2002 Author: chanrion_d ( from Paris a disconcerting production, full of charm for an art flick that tries to envision the relation between love (and lust) and memories. This is the strength of the film (a universal theme about which there is much to say) and its weakness because the director has not followed his ideas to its logical conclusions. One cannot help thinking that this film could have been really excellent if the narration were less syncopated. The similarities with memento are obvious but the loss of memory here seems to be more an excuse than a "raison d'ê,tre" because the love story between Graham and Irè,ne gives rise to numerous interesting themes (the happy-go-lucky Amnesiac opposed to his passionate lover, the naive Amnesiac opposed to people who take advantage of him, the carefree wandering life and the freedom of love when you are free of your memories,etc....) without fully exploiting them. Nevertheless the charm of the film lies in the way the camera is in love with Graham (the Spanish actor Eduardo Noriega)and thus continually spies on his sensual body with a certain sense of decency. The beautiful Spanish actor is really the epicenter of the film and gives an undisputed sensual color. The French actress Anna Mouglalis is also perfect in her role. Nudity does not aim at being a provocation, sensuality and pleasure seem to be devoid of any guilt (beware because it might put off some viewers) in this film. to sum up : a smart and sensual attempt to deal with the theme of amnesia with casualness and thoughtlessness