Terminal, The (2004)

Life is waiting.

Original Title : The Terminal
Director : Steven Spielberg
Writer : Andrew Niccol
Sacha Gervasi
Sacha Gervasi
Jeff Nathanson
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jason Hoffs (IV) , Laurie MacDonald (I) , Sergio Mimica-Gezzan , Andrew Niccol , Walter F. Parkes , Steven Spielberg , Patricia Whitcher
Music : John Williams (I)
Photography : Janusz Kaminski (I)
Distributor : Argentina Video Home (AVH) [ar]
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13
IMDB ID : 0362227
Official site :
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Terminal, The (2004) - Steven Spielberg


¬Tom Hanks Viktor Navorski
¬Catherine Zeta-Jones Amelia Warren
¬Stanley Tucci Frank Dixon
¬Chi McBride Mulroy
¬Diego Luna I
¬Barry Shabaka Henley Thurman
¬Kumar Pallana Gupta Rajan
¬Zoe Saldana Torres (as Zo√ę Saldana
¬Eddie Jones I
¬Jude Ciccolella Karl Iverson
¬Corey Reynolds Waylin
¬Guillermo D√≠az I
¬Rini Bell Nadia
¬Stephen Mendel First Class Steward
¬Valeri Nikolayev Milodragovich (as Valera Nikolaev
¬Michael Nouri Max
¬Ana Maria Quintana Government Inspector
¬Bob Morrisey Government Inspector
¬Sasha Spielberg Lucy
¬Susan Slome Woman with Cart
¬Mik Scriba Transportation Liaison
¬Jim Ishida Yoshinoya Manager (as James Ishida
¬Carlease Burke I
¬Stephon Fuller Swatch Manager
¬Dan Finnerty II
¬Anastasia Basil La Perla Employee Julie
¬Lydia Blanco Burger King Employee
¬Joseph Davis II
¬Tonya Ivey Godiva Employee
¬Kevin Mukherji Soundworks Dave
¬John Eddins CBP Officer
¬Kenneth Choi CBP Officer
¬Cas Anvar CBP Officer
¬Conrad Pla CBP Officer
¬Danette Mackay CBP Officer
¬Ian Finlay CBP Officer
¬Janique Kearns CBP Officer
¬Eddie Santiago Man on Phone
¬Kevin Ryder I
¬Dusan Dukic Young Drug Trafficker
¬Mark Ivanir Cab Driver Goran
¬Matt Holland I
¬Benny Golson Himself
¬Buster Williams Bass
¬Mike Ledonne Piano
¬Carl Allen I
¬Scott Adsit Cab Driver
¬Robert Covarrubias Janitor
¬Terry Haig CBP Inspector
¬Jeff Michael III
¬Dilva Henry Anchor
¬Michelle Arthur I
¬Thinh Truong Nguyen Passenger (as Thinh Truong
¬Sandrine Kwan Passenger
¬Carl Alacchi Passenger
¬Tanya van Blokland Passenger
¬Evelyne de la Cheneli√®re Passenger
¬Laurie Megan Phelps Homeland Security Officer (as Laurie Meghan Phelps
¬Cass Asher Ticket Counter Passenger
¬H√©l√®ne Cardona Stewardess (voice
¬Jennifer Chu I
¬Svilena Kidess (voice
¬Kurt Larson I
¬Tony Sagastizado I Salvadorian
¬William Alva Chess Player (uncredited
¬Claudia Barroso II
¬Dalton Brooks Boy in Brookstone (uncredited
¬Dan Chase I
¬Chad Davis IV
¬Kristopher Dolphin College Student (uncredited
¬Susan Engel II
¬Riad Galayini Chef (uncredited
¬Jerald Garner Food Court Patron (uncredited
¬Amber Havens Flight Attendant (uncredited
¬Jeffery Houston Starbucks employee (uncredited
¬Barry Julien I
¬Boyd Kelly Pilot (uncredited
¬Vladislav Kozlov Russian student (uncredited
¬Joram Moreka Swahili interpreter (uncredited
¬Martha Neavill Swahili Mom (uncredited
¬Benjamin Ochieng African Man with Wife and Child (uncredited
¬Nicole Rayburn Swatch Employee (uncredited
¬Mel Rodriguez I
¬Brad Rohan Ramp & Freight Cananda (uncredited
¬Mikayel Sharaff Traveler (uncredited
¬Aleksandr Sountsov Traveler (uncredited
¬Cynthia Wilber Amelia's Friend (uncredited


An Eastern European visitor (Hanks) becomes a resident of a New York airport terminal when a war breaks out and erases his country from the map, voiding his passport. He makes friends with the airport staff and falls in love with a flight attendant.


The premise sounded pretty bad, so I thought there must be something redeeming in this film to have attracted the likes of Spielberg, Hanks, Zeta-Jones, and Saldana... but apparently not. The movie is utterly uninteresting and poorly written. The situations are so contrived that it's nearly impossible to buy into any of the attempts to convey deeper meaning. It leaves plot threads dangling all over the place and the underlying messages are confused at best. And it's not funny at all. For a character-based film, it's shocking that none of the characters undergo any character evolution -- in the end everything is exactly the same as it was in the beginning, except that Hanks accomplishes his original goal. Whoop-ti-do. Under the tagline "life is waiting" you would expect more to come from the events within -- unexpected life changing events or deeply inspiring meaning. But you'd be wrong. There's none of that. If you try to get any deeper meaning out it, you've got to make it up yourself. I think the most annoying thing is that it COULD have been done properly without changing much. The actors were solid, and there was enough plot to work with. But instead they botched it at every redeemable chance. All in all, it is just pointless to watch.
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Terminal, The (2004) - Steven Spielberg
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Terminal, The (2004) - Steven Spielberg