Hitler, the Rise of Evil (2003)

"The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Original Title : Hitler: The Rise of Evil
Director : Christian Duguay
Writer : John Pielmeier
G. Ross Parker
Genre : Drama
Country : Canada
Language : English
Producer : Christian Duguay (I) , Ed Gernon , Diana Kerew , Ian McDougall , John Pielmeier , John Ryan (VI) , Peter Sussman , Philip von Alvensleben
Music : Normand Corbeil
Photography : Pierre Gill
Distributor : CBS Television [us]
IMDB ID : 0346293
Official site :
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poster for "Hitler, the Rise of Evil" by Christian Duguay (2003)
Hitler, the Rise of Evil (2003) - Christian Duguay


¬Robert Carlyle I
¬Stockard Channing Klara Hitler
¬Jena Malone Geli Raubal
¬Julianna Margulies Helene Hanfstaengl
¬Matthew Modine Fritz Gerlich
¬Liev Schreiber Ernst Hanfstaengl
¬Peter Stormare Ernst R√∂hm
¬Friedrich von Thun General Erich von Ludendorff
¬Peter O'Toole I
¬Zoe Telford Eva Braun
¬Terence Harvey Gustav Von Kahr
¬Justin Salinger Dr. Josef Goebbels
¬Chris Larkin Hermann Goering
¬James Babson Rudolf Hess
¬Patricia Netzer Sophie Gerlich
¬Harvey Friedman Friedrich Hollander
¬Nicole Marischka Blandine Ebinger
¬ Angela Raubal
¬ Adolf Hitler (10 yrs
¬Simon Sullivan Adolf Hitler (17 yrs
¬Robert Glenister Anton Drexler
¬ Alois Hitler
¬Filip Hess Egon Hanfstaengl
¬Brendan Hughes I
¬Howie Lotker Hans (soldier
¬Robert Russell VIII
¬David Fisher I
¬Hana Frejkova Frieda
¬Wolfgang Muller Gregor Strasser
¬ General Kurt Von Schleicher
¬ Dosch
¬ Max Amann
¬ Mueller
¬ Judge Neithardt
¬ Prosecutor Stenglein
¬Julian Wadham Captain Mayr
¬Richard Haas I
¬Richard Katz II
¬ Military Doctor
¬Simon Chandler School Teacher
¬David O'Kelly Art Teacher
¬ DAP Speaker
¬Gavin Stewart Munich Police Officer
¬Rod Grover Freidrich Hoffman
¬Richard Rowlands II
¬Terence Longdon Baron
¬Christopher Bowen Baron
¬Liliana Komorowska Baroness
¬Max von Thun Munich Reporter
¬Jiri Zeman Emil Maurice
¬Jir√≠ Novotny Von Lussow (as Jiri Dalet Novotny
¬Jir√≠ M. Sieber Ulrich Graf
¬Robin Amanda Munich artist
¬Brian Caspe Red Protestor (uncredited
¬Todd Kramer Hitler's Landsburg Prison Guard (uncredited


The movie describes the life of Adolf Hitler (Robert Carlyle) from childhood to manhood, and how he became so powerful. It describes his poor childhood in Austria, it describes the first world war from his point of view, and how he became the strongest man in Germany. The movie show us how turned Hitler from a poor soldier into the leader of the Nazis, and how he survived the attempts to kill him. It describes his relationship with his mistress Eva Braun (Zoe Telford), and his decisions and enemies inside Germany and inside the Nazi party.


Hitler in this program is portrayed as a flawed human being not as a monster. Political genius and former art student not a monster. The architect of the holocaust displayed in tv cinema. This film has a controversial nature but nothing good is said of hitler in it. Hitler is portrayed as history rightly has him pigeon-holed, a rising butcher. A great family movie filled with history.