What Alice Found (2003)

Original Title : What Alice Found
Director : A. Dean Bell
Writer : A. Dean Bell
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Matthew Vose Campbell , J.C. Chmiel , Richard Connors , Mie Handy , Don Wells
Photography : Richard Connors
Edwin Martinez
Wyche Stublefield
MPAA Rating : Rated R
IMDB ID : 0343172
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What Alice Found (2003) - A. Dean Bell


┬Judith Ivey Sandra
┬Bill Raymond Bill
┬Emily Grace Alice
┬Jane Lincoln Taylor Sally
┬Justin Parkinson Sam
┬Tim Hayes Danny
┬Lucas Papaelias Alex
┬Katheryn Winnick Julie
┬Tom Tumminello Pete
┬John Knox Trooper
┬David Rose Rough Trucker
┬Rita Fredricks Judge
┬Clint Jordan Lot Trucker
┬Matthew Vose Campbell Counter Clerk
┬Michael C. Maronna Alice's Boyfriend
┬Laura Poe Julie's Mom
┬Greg Jackson Irv
┬Lisa Balkun Young Alice
┬Brian de Benedictis John at the Bar
┬Martin Pfefferkorn Lot Trucker
┬Georgiana Enders Food Stamp Mom (uncredited


Young Alice has hit the road in her beat-up Ford Escort, escaping from her dead end life in small town New England. She's off to Florida, following her friend Julie who's gone to college in Miami. But Alice gets into trouble on the road, and she's saved by Sandra and Bill, an older couple in an RV. They take Alice under their wing, but are they really good samaritans, or did they have something else in mind? And is Alice telling the truth to them about herself?


This is a low budget, well acted little gem. Alice, a small town Massachusetts teenager, fed up with her existence, takes to the road to escape her mother who flips burgers and her own job as a check out in a super market. She sets out for Florida and to stay with her wealthier high school friend who is a freshman at Miami. After her car suspiciously breaks down on the thruway and she loses all her money, she ends up with a retired couple in an RV who also happen to be traveling to Florida.. The couple, brilliantly played by Judith Ivy and Bill Raymond are overly hospitable and, it turns out, a prostitute and and her pimp. Slowly, Alice is lured into truck stop prostitution as the RV meanders down the thruway in the general direction of Florida. Through intermittent flashbacks, we learn a little more about Alice and her desire to leave tiny Milford. We also see the couple in a new light and their life and the choices made by the couple and Alice all seem quite credible. An excellent, well made film that you will think about when it is over.
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What Alice Found (2003) - A. Dean Bell