Lost in Translation (2003)

Everyone wants to be found.

Original Title : Lost in Translation
Director : Sofia Coppola
Writer : Sofia Coppola
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Francis Ford Coppola , Sofia Coppola , Mitch Glazer , Callum Greene , Kiyoshi Inoue , Ross Katz , Fred Roos , Stephen Schible
Music : Jean-Benoît Dunckel
Nicolas Godin
Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
Bryan Mills
Brian Reitzell
Kevin Shields
Justin Stanley
William Storkson
Photography : Lance Acord
MPAA Rating : Rated R
IMDB ID : 0335266
Official site :
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Lost in Translation (2003) - Sofia Coppola


Scarlett Johansson Charlotte
Bill Murray Bob Harris
Akiko Takeshita Ms. Kawasaki
Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe Press Agent
Kazuko Shibata Press Agent
Take Press Agent
Ryuichiro Baba Concierge
Akira Yamaguchi Bellboy
Catherine Lambert Jazz Singer
François du Bois Sausalito Piano
Tim Leffman Sausalito Guitar
Gregory Pekar American Businessman
Richard Allen American Businessman
Giovanni Ribisi John
Diamond Yukai Commercial Director (as Yutaka Tadokoro
Jun Maki Suntory Client
Nao Asuka Premium Fantasy Woman
Tetsuro Naka Stills Photographer
Kanako Nakazato Make-Up Person
Fumihiro Hayashi Charlie
Hiroko Kawasaki Hiroko
Daikon Bambie
Anna Faris Kelly
Asuka Shimuzu Kelly's Translator
Ikuko Takahashi Ikebana Instructor
Koichi Tanaka Bartender, NY Bar
Hugo Codaro Aerobics Instructor
Akiko Monou P Chan
Akimitsu Naruyama French Japanese Nightclub Patron
Hiroshi Kawashima Bartender, Nightclub
Toshikawa Hiromi Hiromix (as Hiromix
Nobuhiko Kitamura Nobu
Nao Kitman Nao
Akira Hans
Kunichi Nomura Kun
Yasuhiko Hattori Charlie's Friend
Shigekazu Aida Mr. Valentine
Kazuo Yamada Hospital Receptionist
Akira Motomura Old Man
Osamu Shigematu Doctor
Takashi Fujii TV Host (as Mathew Minami
Kei Takyo TV Translator
Ryo Kondo Politician
Yumi Ikeda Politician's Aide
Yumika Saki Politician's Aide
Yuji Okabe Politician's Aide
Diedrich Bollman German Hotel Guest
Georg O.P. Eschert German Hotel Guest
Mark Willms Carl West
Lisle Wilkerson Sexy Businesswoman
Nancy Steiner Lydia Harris (voice


Americans abroad, almost innocents. Charlotte, fresh out of Yale with a degree in philosophy, is in Tokyo with her husband, a photographer whose work takes him away that week. She's adrift, her soul on ice. Bob, mid-50s, a semi-retired movie star, is there to make $2 million doing a whiskey ad. At home are a wife and young children, but he's jaded and melancholy. Both are jet-lagged, and Tokyo's culture and language push them further off kilter. When they meet in the hotel bar and spend their free time together for a few days, possibilities arise amidst the losses. Their friendship becomes an experience: does he have something to teach, can she reconnect him to life?


Sometimes you need to be taken completely out of your element to discover that you're completely lost. Do you ever wonder why your vacations turn into a soap opera full of drama? It's because when on vacation, you discover what you're REALLY trying to get away from, and what you REALLY want to return to. If you don't jump out of bed each morning with a desire to live life to the fullest, then you need to watch this movie. Similar (in message if not content) to American Beauty......look closer. (P.S. NO! You won't laugh hysterically at Bill Murray in this film, but YES, you will leave the theater wondering "Who will I meet today, and how will they change my life.....even if just for a moment")
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Lost in Translation (2003) - Sofia Coppola