Recruit, The (2003)

Trust. Betrayal. Deception. In the C.I.A. nothing is what it seems.

Original Title : The Recruit
Director : Roger Donaldson
Writer : Roger Towne
Kurt Wimmer
Mitch Glazer
Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Jeff Apple , Gary Barber , Roger Birnbaum , Jonathan Glickman , Ric Kidney , Megan Wolpert
Music : Klaus Badelt
Ramin Djawadi
Photography : Stuart Dryburgh
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13
IMDB ID : 0292506
Official site :
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poster for "Recruit, The" by Roger Donaldson (2003)
Recruit, The (2003) - Roger Donaldson


¬Al Pacino Walter Burke
¬Colin Farrell James Clayton
¬Bridget Moynahan Layla Moore
¬Gabriel Macht Zack
¬Kenneth Mitchell Alan
¬Mike Realba Ronnie Gibson
¬Ron Lea Bill Rudolph, Dell Rep
¬Karl Pruner Dennis Slayne
¬Jeanie Calleja Co-Ed
¬Domenico Fiore Instructor
¬Jessica Greco Brunette at Blue Ridge
¬Angelo Tsarouchas Cab Driver
¬Veronica Hurnick Polygraph Interrogator
¬Eugene Lipinski Husky Man
¬Steve Lucescu Instructor
¬Richard Fitzpatrick Rob Stevens
¬John Watson Guard
¬Chris Owens Art Wallis
¬Janet Bailey Young Instructor
¬Sam Kalilieh Elliot
¬Merwin Mondesir Stan
¬Elisa Moolecherry Lisa Sahadi
¬Sheldon Davis Security Officer
¬Oscar Hsu Psychiatrist
¬Arlene Mazerolle Psychiatrist
¬Brian Rhodes Psychiatrist
¬Steve Behal Exam Procter
¬Jane Moffat Polygraph Technician
¬Bart Bedford Co-Worker
¬Tony Craig Transit Cop
¬David Boyce New Security Guard
¬Tova Smith Beth
¬Michael Rubenfeld Felix
¬Mark Ellis Test Instructor
¬Neil Crone Farm Instructor
¬Ray Paisley Farm Instructor
¬Scott McCord Young Instructor
¬Jenny Levine Blonde (as Jennifer Levine
¬Shaun Verreault Band Member
¬Safwan Javed Band Member
¬Earl Pereira Band Member
¬Conrad Bergschneider Firing Range Instructor
¬John Wayne Shafer Langley Gate Guard (as John Shafer
¬Stephen Lee Wright Running Instructor
¬Misty Kelley Tourist Traveler (uncredited
¬Aaron Michael Lacey Truck Worker (uncredited


James Clayton (Colin Farrell) is one of the top prospects in the new crop of CIA recruits. His intelligence and unconventional attitude attract the attention of veteran Walter Burke (Al Pacino) who squires him through the Agency's difficult training courses and helps him to quickly rise through the ranks. Clayton is then given a special assignment, to root out a suspected mole that has infiltrated the Agency.


This thriller, directed by Roger Donaldson, starts on a promissory note, only to fizzle at the end because a terrible conclusion by the screen writers Robert Towne and Kurt Wimmer. There are no doubts that this trio started with better intentions, but the finished product doesn't amount to a satisfying movie. Al Pacino, as the recruiter, plays a sly role here. He is always a step ahead of the action, but his transformation at the end leaves the viewer wondering and asking questions. Colin Farrell, plays the intelligent and talented recruit. He is very effective and convincing. Bridget Moynahan is Layla, a mysterious recruit who might be working for the wrong side. While the film is very keeps one's imagination going, it demands a more logical ending, or at least something one can feel not being let down by its false resolution.