Straight Story, The (1999)

Original Title : The Straight Story
Director : David Lynch
Writer : John Roach
Mary Sweeney
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Pierre Edelman , Neal Edelstein , Michael Polaire , Mary Sweeney
Music : Angelo Badalamenti
Photography : Freddie Francis
IMDB ID : 0166896
Official site :
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Straight Story, The (1999) - David Lynch


Sissy Spacek Rose 'Rosie' Straight
Jane Galloway Dorothy, Straight's Next-Door Neighbor (as Jane Galloway Heitz
Joseph A. Carpenter Bud
Donald Wiegert Sig
Richard Farnsworth Alvin Straight
Tracey Maloney Nurse
Dan Flannery Doctor Gibbons
Jennifer Edwards-Hughes Brenda, the Grocery Clerk
Ed Grennan Pete
Jack Walsh Apple
Max the Wonder Dog Farm Dog
Gil Pearson Sun Ray Tours Bus Driver
Barbara June Patterson Woman on Bus
Everett McGill Tom the John Deere Dealer
Anastasia Webb Crystal
Matt Guidry Steve
Bill McCallum Rat
Barbara E. Robertson Deer Woman (as Barbara Robertson
James Cada Danny Riordan, Clermont Resident
Sally Wingert Darla Riordan, Clermont Resident
Barbara Kingsley Janet Johnson, Clermont Resident
Jim Haun Johnny Johnson, Clermont Resident
Wiley Harker Verlyn Heller
Randy Wiedenhoff Fireman
Jerry E. Anderson Fireman
Kevin P. Farley Harald Olsen, Tractor Mechanic (as Kevin Farley
John Farley Thorvald Olsen, Tractor Mechanic
John Lordan Priest
Garrett Sweeney Boy in Truck
Peter Sweeney Boy in Truck
Tommy Fahey Boy in Truck
Matt Fahey Boy in Truck
Dan Fahey Boy in Truck
Russ Reed Mt. Zion Bartender
Leroy Swadley Bar Patron
Ralph Feldhacker Farmer on Tractor
Harry Dean Stanton Lyle Straight, Alvin's Brother
Stephen Cinabro Policeman (uncredited
Gary D'Amico Cyclist
George A. Farr Wendell (uncredited
Jeremy Kent Jackson Andy (uncredited
Lana Schwab Old Lady


Alvin Straight is a very old man with a quiet life in a small country town. When his brother gets seriously sick, he decides to put away their differences and visit him after many, many years. So, alone, he begins a long journey through hundreds of miles, just to see again his brother, even if it's the last thing he will ever do... Based on a real story.


I went into The Straight Story expecting a sad/happy type drama with nice direction and some good acting. These I got. What I wasn't expecting was an allegory for the trials of human existence. Leave it to Lynch to take a simple story about a 300 mile trip on a lawnmower and turn it into a microcosm for the human condition. If you didn't notice, watch it again, paying attention to the ages of the people Alvin meets, the terrain he's driving through, the reactions people give him, the kinds of discussions he has (one of the first is about pregnancy and children, one of the last is outside of a cemetery). The last road he drives down is particulary haunting in this context, as it narrows and his fear and nervousness mount. The last mechanical failure could be seen as a death, and the miraculous rebirth of his engine relating to an afterlife, in which he achieves the desired reunion. I only hope some of the people who branded this as a slow sappy melodrama take the time to watch with a more holistic attention.
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Straight Story, The (1999) - David Lynch
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Straight Story, The (1999) - David Lynch