No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002)

HE was more than a cop. SHE was more than a thief.

Original Title : The House on Turk Street
Director : Bob Rafelson
Writer : Dashiell Hammett
Christopher Canaan
Steve Barancik
Genre : Crime
Country : Germany
Language : English
Producer : David E. Allen , Barry M. Berg , David Braun , Jan Fantl , Peter Hoffman , Peter Hoffman , Frank Hübner , Herb Nanas , Sam Perlmutter , André Rouleau , Julian Rémillard , Maxime Rémillard , Michel Siry , Matthew Keene Smith
Music : Jeff Beal
Tommy Boyce
Bobby Hart
Photography : Juan Ruiz Anchía
MPAA Rating : Rated R
IMDB ID : 0292610
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poster for "No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the)" by Bob Rafelson (2002)
No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002) - Bob Rafelson


Samuel L. Jackson Jack Friar
Milla Jovovich Erin
Stellan Skarsgård Tyrone (as Stellan Skarsgard
Doug Hutchison Hoop
Grace Zabriskie Mrs. Quarre
Joss Ackland Mr. Quarre
Jonathan Higgins David Brewster
Shannon Lawson Amy
Joris Jarsky Rudy Jones
Robert Welch Willy
Peter Blascke Motorcycle Cop (as Peter Blaschke
Roberto Blizzard Man Mowing Lawn
Terence Bowman Postman
Robert Brewster Store Owner (as Bob Brewster
Carole Bureau Teller
Noël Burton Mr. Leeds
Tony Calabretta Cadillac Owner
Andrew Campbell Officer
Larry Day Customs Captain
Richard Jutras Clarevoyant
Francis X. McCarthy Bank Manager
John Sanford Moore Weatherman
Shawn Roberts Passer-by
Jennifer Seguin Drive-Thru Woman (as Jennifer Séguin
Emily VanCamp Connie


No Good Deed, based on a short story entitled 'The House on Turk Street' by Dashiell Hammett, is about a police detective (Jack) who, while doing a friend a favor and searching for a runaway teenager on Turk Street, stumbles upon a bizarre band of criminals about to pull off a bank robbery. Jack (Samuel L. Jackson) finds himself being held hostage while the criminals decide what to do with him, and the leader's beautiful girlfriend, Erin (Milla Jovovich), is left alone to watch Jack. Erin, who we discover is a master manipulator of the men in the gang, reveals another side to Jack - a melancholy romantic who could have been a classical pianist. She finds Jack's captivity an irresistible turn-on and he can't figure out if she's for real, or manipulating him, too. Before the gang returns, Jack and Erin's connection intensifies and who ends up with the money is anyone's guess.


Evidently this film was released overseas before it was seen locally. Bob Rafelson is an excellent screen writer who knows a lot about what is going on in the American cinema. As a director, he doesn't bring anything new to this Dashiell Hammett's short story adaptation. Perhaps he wasn't helped by the screen play of Christopher Canaan. The Hammett story was one of his best ones. The idea of the kind policeman, Jack Friar, trying to investigate something for a neighbor, brings him into a situation that will ensnare him, as he discovers the people in the house are planning a caper and take him prisoner. The acting is interesting in general. Samuel L. Jackson has to act tied to a chair throughout the movie. His scene with Erin, played with gusto by Milla Jovovich, brings a sensuality to the screen that adds another dimension to the story. Stellan Skargard makes a mean Tyrone. Doug Hutchison is intense as Hoop, Tyrone's partner in crime. Grace Zabriskie and Joss Ackland are seen as the Quarres, a couple that are involved in the robbery. Ms. Zabriskie, an excellent actress, has great moments as the older woman who presents a kind front, but is no good. Joss Ackland, a veteran English stage and screen actor, doesn't have much to do. The film, while predictable, offers some good moments. Bob Rafelson knows how to motivate his actors to give above the average performances.
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No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002) - Bob Rafelson
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No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002) - Bob Rafelson
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938 x 1417
No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002) - Bob Rafelson
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No Good Deed (House on Turk Street, the) (2002) - Bob Rafelson