Anger Management (2003)

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Original Title : Anger Management
Director : Peter Segal
Writer : David Dorfman
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Barry Bernardi , Allegra Clegg , Allen Covert , Derek Dauchy , Michael Ewing , Todd Garner , Jack Giarraputo , Tim Herlihy , John L. Jacobs , Adam Sandler
Music : Teddy Castellucci
Photography : Donald McAlpine
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13
IMDB ID : 0305224
Official site :
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poster for "Anger Management" by Peter Segal (2003)
Anger Management (2003) - Peter Segal


Adam Sandler Dave Buznik
Jack Nicholson Dr. Buddy Rydell
Marisa Tomei Linda
Luis Guzmán Lou
Jonathan Loughran Nate
Kurt Fuller Frank Head
Krista Allen Stacy
January Jones Gina
John Turturro Chuck
Lynne Thigpen Judge Brenda Daniels
Nancy Walls Flight Attendant
Woody Harrelson Galaxia/Security Guard
Kevin Nealon Sam
Allen Covert Andrew
Adrian Ricard Rose Rydell
Peter Spruyt Ricky
Roger Clemens Himself
Rudolph W. Giuliani Himself
Cody Arens Himself
Marisa Chandler Flight Attendant
Heather Charles Waitress
Don Diamont Man in Seat
Stephen Dunham Maitre d'
Kevin Dunigan Angry Man
Aaron Fiore Peanut Vendor
Gina Gallego Cocktail Waitress
Tony Genaro Cabbie
Conrad Goode Bailiff/Lexus Man
Lori Heuring Anger Management Receptionist
John Kirk Cocktail Waitress' Lawyer
Jeff Morris Porter
Paul Renteria Angry Man
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. Air Marshal (as Isaac Singleton Jr.
Bobby Knight Himself
Judith Nathan Herself
Tony Carbonetti Himself
Bob Sheppard Himself - The Voice of the Yankees
Robert Merrill Himself
Derek Jeter Himself
Ken Rosier Buddy's Lawyer
Clint Black Masseur
Rob Steiner Dave's Co-Worker
Lorna Scott Nancy, Lady in Restroom
Bonnie Hellman Wife at Table
Joe Howard Husband at Table
Kevin Grady Baseball Fan
Sidney Ganis Neighbor (as Sid Ganis
Larry Morgan Pool Player
Michael Arthur Police Officer (as Mike Arthur
Jonathan Osser Young Dave Buznik
Melissa Mitchell Sarah Plowman
Alan James Morgan Young Arnie Shankman
Lindsay Weber Arnie's Sister
Halley Eveland Wedgie Boy
Taylor Segal Laughing Girl
Nicole Segal Girl Playing in Water
Zack Abramowitz Baseball Fan
Dara Avenius Baseball Fan
Paul Bates Hulky man (scenes deleted
Sho Brown Spectator
Salvatore Cavaliere Duke
Silas Gaither Man At Bar
Joel Ney Insane Yankees Fan
Craig Parten Crowd Observer
Nils Allen Stewart Tiny
Christopher Boldon Cameraman (uncredited
Gary Clayderburg Flight Attendant (uncredited
Matt Clifford Baseball Fan (uncredited
Alan Embree Himself (uncredited
Heather Graham Kendra (uncredited
Stephen Gregson Man on plane (uncredited
John McEnroe Himself (uncredited
Sarah Beth Nelson Kelly Canfield (uncredited
John C. Reilly Older, monk Arnie Shankman (uncredited
Mitchell Speert Baseball Fan (uncredited
Harry Dean Stanton Blind Man (uncredited
Dan Vitale Monk (uncredited
Sean Welch Courtroom Attendant (uncredited


After a misunderstanding aboard an airplane that escalates out of control, the mild-mannered Dave Buznik is ordered by Judge Daniels to attend anger management sessions run by Doctor Buddy Rydell, which are filled with highly eccentric and volatile men and women. Buddy's unorthodox approach to therapy is confrontational and abrasive and Dave is bewildered by it. Then, after yet another mishap, Judge Daniels orders Dave to step up his therapy or wind up in jail. So, Buddy moves in with Dave to help him battle his inner demons. Buddy himself has no inner demons since he acts out at every opportunity and that includes making lewd comments about Dave's girlfriend Linda and goading Dave into confronting every slight, past or present, head-on. But Buddy finally goes too far and Dave must decide whether to crawl back into his shell or stand up for himself. Could it be that Buddy's confounding and contradictory treatment is just what the doctor ordered? Dave Buznik is a hardworking businessman with a pacifistic nature that has often gotten the best of him. But a simple misunderstanding aboard an airplane quickly escalates into a legal nightmare for Dave. Now, the only way he can avoid jail time is to seek the help of a very unlikely anger management instructor known as Dr. Buddy Rydell. The good doctor's unorthodox methods border on unconventional and nearly psychotic, but may be the perfect antidote for Dave, who has been a stepping stone his entire life.


When the hyper-sensitive airline staff on Dave's flight treat him badly he calmly touches one of them on the arm to attract their attention and finds himself in court for abuse. Sentenced to 20 hours of anger management treatment, Dave finds himself in the class of Dr Buddy Rydell – anger management therapist. However when Dave gets into another fight he gets ordered to spend a month in Rydell's care and experience first hand the very unusual treatment methods he uses. When I went to see The Hulk, we arrived 5 minutes later and the usher told us she wasn't able to sell us tickets for that reason. Instead she gave us tickets for the screen next to Hulk and just told us to sneak into Hulk instead. The tickets she gave us were for this film and I was amused to notice, as I walked into the screen, that the title was shortened to 'Anger Man' on my ticket – very appropriate as I sat in the Hulk! What's the point of my ramble – well I decided that I'd go and see Anger Management at some point and finally picked it up on DVD yesterday. Opening with an airplane scene, the film basically spells out its strengths and weaknesses in this one scene. The main weakness we see here is the film's inability to really underplay – there is no reason for Nicholson to be in this scene but the film plays him early rather than show restraint. However this scene is also actually quite funny in a silly manner that will appeal to many. In terms of laughs the film is pretty hit and miss but mostly they hit in a fairly funny manner. It is never really laugh out loud funny but it is all amusing enough with a few good moments of standard Sandler humour – silly but imaginative. The overall plot is not that hot but it uses the basic setup reasonably well to fill the time but Sandler fans might find it all a little ordinary and others might find it a little silly. With the material it is the cast that makes the film better than it should be. Nicholson is on great form, he doesn't give a great performance but he is OTT and he sends up his real life personae to good effect as he seduces women and, more obviously, smashes in someone's car window! Sandler is so-so and he struggles alongside the showboating Nicholson for many scenes but I guess his fans will be happy with it anyway. The support cast is full of cameos, not all of them work but most of them are enjoyable even if it produces the impression of a film that is just chucking in everything and the kitchen sink. Tomei is OK but Guzman, Turturro and Harrelson are all funny and surprising additions. Heather Graham, Leslie Nielson, John McEnroe, Harry Dean Stanton, John C Reilly, Bobby Knight and Giuliani all fill out the cast and make it feel better than it is. Overall this is a fairly amusing film that will please fans of silly comedy. The plot may not hold up to any more than a glance but it does enough to support a load of jokes and cameos that, although not great, certainly make for a lively and entertaining film for those with less demanding tastes!