Love the Hard Way (2001)

Original Title : Love the Hard Way
Director : Peter Sehr
Writer : Marie Noelle
Peter Sehr
Shuo Wang
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Language : English
Producer : Jayne Belliveau , Jay Cannold , Jason Kliot , Marco Mehlitz , Kevin J. Moore , Peter Sehr , Wolfram Tichy , Wolfram Tichy , Joana Vicente
Photography : Guy Dufaux
MPAA Rating : Rated R
IMDB ID : 0263671
Official site :
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Love the Hard Way (2001) - Peter Sehr


Adrien Brody Jack
Charlotte Ayanna Claire
Jon Seda Charlie
August Diehl Jeff
Pam Grier Linda Fox
Liza Jessie Peterson Pamela
Elizabeth Regen Sue
Katherine Moennig Debbie
Joey Kern Fitzgerald
Jonathan Hadary Boris
Michael G. Chin Asian Man 1
Ben Wang Asian Man 2
Huan Wang Asian Man 3
Ned Stresen-Reuter Brian
Michaela Conlin Cara
Lee R. Sellars Dennis (as Lee Sellars
Sylvia Kauders Mrs. Rosenberg
José Rabelo Cook (as Jose Rabello
Dave Simonds Librarian
Jeffrey M. Marchetti Biggest Guy (as Jeffrey Marchetti
John Elsen Interrogating Detective
Miguel Sierra Car Mechanic
Andy Duppin Precision Driver
Bobby J. Brown Man in Video Arcade
Steven Goldstein The John/Street
Cheyenne Casebier Laura
Sara Klingebiel Jill
Francisco Lorite Barry
Kris Eivers Bartender (Tunnel
Eric Kornfeld Claire's Trick
Keisher McLeod Hooker
Ruthann Debona Hooker
Amber Gross Hooker
Gregor Manns Large Man
Kevin Merrill-Wilson Large Man
James Saito Akiri
Robert McKay Louis (as Robert G. McKay
Chazz Menendez Prisoner
Charles Santy Prisoner
Mick O'Rourke Prisoner
Mitchell Washington Prisoner
Peter McRobbie Prison Doctor
Deborah Braun Lab Assistant
Tod Engle Lucky Guy
Grace Garland Female Port Authority Officer
Amy Laughlin Vendor at Hotel Dior
David Ross Russian Guy
Slava Schoot Russian Guy
Jack Lotz The John/Bedroom
Ernestine Johnson Jack's Neighbour
Charles Duval Waiter
Frank Hopf Riot Officer (uncredited
Eric Hornfeld Claire's Trich (uncredited
Riley G. Matthews Jr. Riot Officer (uncredited
Rick Pisarro Undercover Detective (uncredited
John Tartaglia Jack (uncredited
James T. Williams II Basketball player (uncredited


The story of a petty thief who meets an innocent young woman and brings her into his world of crime while she teaches him the lessons of enjoying life and being loved.


This movie presents some excellent character studies and the characters surely remind me of several individuals that I knew growing up in, and living in, NYC from the 1960s through the 1980s. The lead character, played by Adrian Brody, actually reminds me of my own son .... more than a bit of a "bad boy" in his own right. I find this movie to be one of my modern "closet favorites", and it is one that I can view again-and-again, provided that I am in the right frame of mind. It has well-developed characters, and deals with the grity realities of life among petty thieves and con artists. Pam Grier is also good in her "almost-cameo" role as the police officer who comes in and out of the lead characters' lives throughout the film. All-in-all, a better film than the lack of publicity and relative obscure nature that it has enjoyed.
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336 x 475
Love the Hard Way (2001) - Peter Sehr
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245 x 357
Love the Hard Way (2001) - Peter Sehr