Grudge, The (2004)

It never forgives. It never forgets.

Original Title : The Grudge
Director : Takashi Shimizu
Writer : Takashi Shimizu
Stephen Susco
Genre : Horror
Country : Japan
Language : English
Producer : Doug Davison , Joseph Drake , Aubrey Henderson , Takashige Ichise , Nathan Kahane , Michael Kirk , Roy Lee , Carsten H.W. Lorenz , Sam Raimi , Shintaro Shimosawa , Robert G. Tapert
Music : Christopher Young
Photography : Lukas Ettlin
Hideo Yamamoto
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material, disturbing images/terror/violence, and some sensuality.
IMDB ID : 0391198
Official site :
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poster for "Grudge, The" by Takashi Shimizu (2004)
Grudge, The (2004) - Takashi Shimizu


Sarah Michelle Gellar Karen
Jason Behr Doug
William Mapother Matthew
Clea DuVall Jennifer
KaDee Strickland Susan
Grace Zabriskie Emma
Bill Pullman Peter
Rosa Blasi Maria
Ted Raimi Alex
Ryo Ishibashi Nakagawa
Yoko Maki Yoko
Yuya Ozeki Toshio
Takako Fuji Kayako
Takashi Matsuyama Takeo
Hiroshi Matsunaga Igarashi
Hajime Okayama Suzuki
Yoshiyuki Morishita Guard
Kazuyuki Tsumura Peter's Co-Worker
Taiki Kobayashi Policeman
Junko Koizumi Mother
Nanna Koizumi Daughter (as Nana Koizumi
Yôichi Okamura Restaurant Manager
Eiji Ôki Morgue Detective
Katsuhiro Oyama Morgue Doctor
Jotaro Kitamura Policeman (uncredited
Courtney Webb Sick girl (uncredited


Karen Davis is a woman residing in Japan with her boyfriend, who is studying there. Temporarily assigned to be caretaker for a woman with severe sleeping disorder, Karen goes to the patient's house. What she finds is something she would never expect. The house is plagued by the presence of murderous ghosts, the result of a curse. The curse is born from someone dying in a powerful rage. Now, Karen finds herself being tormented by that curse, as it eventually starts claiming it's victims.


I went to this movie expecting an artsy scary film. What I got was scare after scare. It's a horror film at it's core. It's not dull like other horror films where a haunted house just has ghosts and gore. This film doesn't even show you the majority of the deaths it shows the fear of the characters. I think one of the best things about the concept where it's not just the house thats haunted its whoever goes into the house. They become haunted no matter where they are. Office buildings, police stations, hotel rooms... etc. After reading some of the external reviews I am really surprised that critics didn't like this film. I am going to see it again this week and am excited about it.